Domain Change

By the way, this place is now

It’s a small victory, but still worth celebrating.

What’s also worth celebrating?

New Content.

No one is more excited than I am to be making progress with this website/art blog project. It sat in limbo for a few years while I continued to make art and develop my portfolio.

I am a working artist. I work mostly for little to no profit, though that’s beginning to change. I participate in live art demonstrations, and I experiment with abstract design through acrylic, ink, oil, watercolor, body paints. Sometimes I talk about my experience. Sometimes I just show the work and let it speak for itself.

Making art is unavoidable. It’s going to be made, because I must, and until 2018, it’s mostly been for me and my love of the process of creative expression. That selfishness is beginning to evolve into an even more narcissistic beast, the glitch self portraits. In contrast, I’m also moving in the direction of functional, and within the interests of my audience.

Some of my work includes commissions and collaborations. Have an idea for a project but you’re unsure about how to make it happen? Know which artist will best represent your vision, and that artist happens to be me? If you have something specific in mind that doesn’t yet exist and you want to actualize it, let’s talk.

And if course, if you’d like to stop and stare, go for it.

Wanna pay me in exchange for something creative? Send me an email, or visit my Etsy shop: PureLoop

More to come very soon.

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